Photography ADDA with Shivji Joshi - Kolkata 5Dec'15, 5-8pm
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Photography ADDA with Shivji Joshi - Kolkata 5Dec'15, 5-8pm


Photography ADDA with Shivji Joshi - Kolkata 5Dec'15, 5-8pm

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Date: Saturday, 5th Dec 2015


Time: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Conducted by:  Shivji Joshi


Venue: E-MALL, Kolkata


Seat: 50

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  • Who should attend the Adda? 

Anyone who is interested in photography.


  • How do I make a payment?

This is a free event so you have to only register. Seats are limited so it will be on first come first served basis. 


  • What should I get for the Photography Adda?

Some of your pictures for review and critique.


  • What if I forget to carry my ticket? 

Always make a note of the ticket code so that we can again generate one even if you have forgotten to carry the ticket to the event

Wanna discuss photography over Cha & Biscoot?


Join us in this fun filled ADDA session, where you can exchange your views with our honored guest Shivji Joshi and get inspired by his wisdom.


Shivji Joshi started photography in 1963 while pursuing his Post-Graduation in Philosophy. His interest in photography developed by looking at emerging images slowly on blank white paper dipped in solution in dark room of his friends studio. He used to drop at friends studio on his way back to home from college.


He enjoys traditional straight photography without any manipulation. He tries his best to create Chamatkaar in the image by using Lines and Light imbibed in the sense of Feeling. Long journey of 52 years of his photography has two phases:

1. Desert Landscape And Village Life Photography - He might have shot hundreds of black & white negative and color slide films and digital images covering the various moods of desert in every season. He tries to take arranged shots of desert landscape in such a way that look quite natural. Desert is not barren land for him but it is vibrant and lively dancing at the rhythm of light and shades. The circular curves and contours give a graceful feminine look to the sand dunes.

2. Street and People Photography- As he says, Street Photography is the best medium to explore the human effort and the power of endurance to adapt oneself in quite adverse situations with meager resources. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while shooting street scenes is forgetting our own identity as who I am but only remember that I am a part of street either living like a man at work or non-living road side lamp post. This way we feel the oneness with the environment of street and are able to respect the sentiments of common man of street.


Philosophy taught him what Humanity is and Street Photography takes him Closer and Closer To Humanity.  Street Photography is challenging photographic art in the sense that we have to pick up a peak moment among floating stream of activities without any kind of intervention. Candidness with the sense of feel is the heart of street photography.


His achievements in photography:

1. More than 900 acceptances of photos in National & International Photography Salons (competitions)

2. About 250 Awards with 10 Gold medals which includes -Kodak Certificate of Merit, 1988.

-Gold Medal in PSA International Exhibition, USA July 1990

-Gold Medal in Smethwick International   Salon, England, Dec.1990

-PSA Medal for Best Indian Entry in YPS International Salon, Bangalore, 1990

-Best Entrant Award in All India Photographic Salon, Mysore, 1991.

-100 Prize for Best of Month entry in Practical Photography, 1992, and many more


His photographs were published in many books and magazines likes:

In Photography Year Book, England (1989, 90, 91, 92, 98, 2000, 2002)

In Popular Photography U.S.A., Practical Photography England.

PORTFOLIO Four Time published in Amateur Photographer, Practical Photography Popular Photography USA, England.

Amateur Photographer England, Pentax Family Magazine, Australian Camera Craft, FIAP Biennial, International and National Catalogues.

Hundreds of Pictures published in Leading Magazines of India, and many more


Shivji Joshi was invited as Member of Jury for more than 65 Photographic Salons National & International Salons held in India including Photo Division I & B, Govt. Of India, Lalit kala Academy Lucknow and Lalit Kala Academy, Ahmadabad. He was a One Man 30 Shows of Colour Slides and Digital images including MIT Cambridge  USA, Singapore, PSI Mumbai, Niharika  Ahmedabad, L-N-L Dhanbad, IDS Jaipur, Bikaner, CCI Indore, Jabalpur,  Marwar Festival Jodhpur, BHU Varanasi, ECPA Kolkata including almost all major city of India.


For him photography is more a matter of heart than brain


This event offers a kaleidoscopic view of his work and an opportunity for us to see the world through his view finder.