MASTER THE ART OF EXPOSURE - New Delhi(CP) 27Sep'15 11am
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MASTER THE ART OF EXPOSURE - New Delhi(CP) 27Sep'15 11am


MASTER THE ART OF EXPOSURE - New Delhi(CP) 27Sep'15 11am

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 Date:  27 September 2015, 11am onwards
Mentor: Amarjeet Maggu
N42, Connaught Place, Outer Circle
New Delhi 110001

Registrations close a day before the workshop.
The decision of refund on registrations cancelled by participants lies with Capital Photo Service Private Limited, and shall be final and binding on all concerned.
CAMARENA reserve the right to add, alter, modify, change, amend, vary the terms and conditions at any point of time without assigning any reasons or any intimation whatsoever and the same shall be binding on the customer.
CAMARENA may withdraw this event at any time without prior notice. Participants who have registered for the same, will be intimated through their registered e-mail id.
In case Event is cancelled/withdrawn by CAMARENA, the full payment made for registration by customer shall be refunded within 15 working days from date of Event.

  • Who should attend the workshop?

Anyone interested in taking macro photography seriously. People who want to understand & practice the basic fundamentals of macro photography will benefit from attending this workshop.

  •  How do I make a payment?

Visit your nearest CAMARENA store to make it by cash or card or you can make it directly online. 

  • What should I get for the workshop?

Your DSLR & equipment and some your pictures for review and critique.

  • I have already made the payment, however due to emergency, I am unable to attend. Will you give me a refund?

If informed before the workshop begins, we will refund the total amount. However, if informed after the beginning of the workshop, the amount will be forfeited.

  • What if I forget to carry my ticket?

If you are going to make a payment at one of our stores & have forgotten to carry the ticket, you can still make the payment provided you know the ticket code on the top. Always make a note of the ticket code. The same applies if you have forgotten to carry the ticket to the event.

  • What are the things that I should be able to understand after attending the workshop?

MASTER THE ART OF EXPOSURE - create results without post processing




To produce outstanding image, the photographer requires a wide variety of skills. The photographer require to develop competence in two areas, visual awareness and craft. The main aspect of the craft of photography is exposure control. Many people find it difficult to master due to lack of knowledge of factors affecting exposure and dependency upon the technology to provide all the answers.


This workshop will unfold the aspects of exposure control and how all the factors can be controlled and manipulated for creative results.


That's the challenge of Photography.


Master the art of creative exposure by participating in the workshops "CREATIVE EXPOSURE CONTROL" to be organised by SURREAL VOYAGE on 27 September 2015