Ez Share 8GB WI-FI SDHC Memory Card Class 10
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Ez Share 8GB WI-FI SDHC Memory Card Class 10


Ez Share 8GB WI-FI SDHC Memory Card Class 10

Brand: LZEAL
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ez Share, a patented Wi-Fi SDHC card created by LZeal, has the functions of high capacity storage and wireless transfer in standard SD card shape. This sort of wireless SD card is empowered the functions of picture store and wireless transfer to nearby Wi-Fi devices/terminals such as tablets, smart phones or laptops, which grants DCs/DSLRs/DVs/Digital camcorders the ability to wirelessly and instantly transfer images or videos after shooting photos/videos by plugging ez Share into DC/DSLR/DV. ez Share features its real-time image-sharing function by its in-built wireless for camera owners, while internet & Wi-Fi router aren't needed. By released App based on iOS/Android/Windows, images in camera can be automatically pushed to nearby smart devices or shared on their favorite SNS site(s) such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr etc. In May of 2012, it was honored that ez Share was awarded HOT PICKS winner at 2012 Digital Image Show in Australia held by PMA. Globally, ez Share is the first wireless SD memory card conforming to wireless SDHC specifications issued by SDA. App Features: 1. Browse and download images and videos from the camera wirelessly. Support batch download, or selective download. 2. Push original images to smart devices automatically. 3. Multiple image formats supported: JPG, RAW, MPG, MP4, MOV and etc. 4. Share images to your favorite SNS site(s) through Wi-Fi network, or EDGE/3G/LTE anytime and anywhere. 5. EXIF metadata display and multiple image processing techniques including rotating, cropping, collaging and filtering (For iOS). 6. Setting your ez Share Wi-Fi SD card, includes the Wi-Fi password, Wi-Fi channel, SSID, administrator password and enable auto-push function. 7. Share image(s) on Facebook, Twitter, Drop box (need to switch network), and more to be added. 8. 10 selected filters are offered for iOS App.