JJC LS - 52 Lens Hood For Nikon
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JJC LS - 52 Lens Hood For Nikon


JJC LS - 52 Lens Hood For Nikon

Brand: JJC
Product Code: IA100154
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Key Features of JJC LS - 52 Lens Hood

  • Wide Angle and Telephoto Zoom Range
  • Divides into Two Parts
  • Extending and Shading the End of Lens
  • Adopted Screw-in Design
  • Designed with Built-in and Interchangeable SLR Zoom Lenses
  • Primarily Designed to Avoid Unwanted Stray Light
  • Adapter for Screw-in
  • Filter Threads
  • Easy to Reverse Attach into Lens Body
  • Suitable for Digital Video Cameras
  • Benefit of Some Extra Protection from Accidental Impact
  • High Quality Smooth Outside and Mate Inside Finish
  • Adopts Brand-new Design