Apex Bean Bag - Realtree Max-4
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Apex Bean Bag - Realtree Max-4


Apex Bean Bag - Realtree Max-4

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Description Specs

Head Attachment

3/8"-16 stud


14 lb (6.35 kg) when filled

TheApex Bean Bag - Realtree Max-4is a versatile, solid support for a camera, especially one mounted on a gimbal or ball head. Designed for DSLR cameras with lenses up to 800mm, the Bean Bag has a U-shape that makes it perfect for mounting on any narrow or round surface, such as a fence, a car door, or a tree branch. (The Bean Bag is designed for windows that measure 17" or higher.) Inside the "U" is a high-tack surface that keeps it from slipping.

Constructed of tightly woven heavy-duty nylon pack cloth and sewn with high-strength polyester thread, the Apex Bean will simply not leak, regardless of the material used. The Bean Bag features an easily accessible fill zipper that allows you to customize the amount of filling that's inside the bag. A weather-resistant flap protects the zipper. At about 14 lb when filled (depending on the filler, of course), it's far from flimsy, providing plenty of stability.

Inside the bag there's an aircraft-grade aluminum plate that, with its 3/8"-16 screw, supports the attachment of a head. The plate is removable, so you can use the Bean Bag as a traditional, soft bean bag support.

You can also invert the Bean Bag to nestle a telephoto lens into the "U" portion, which provides non-slip support. This is perfect for shooting from a flat surface such as a car hood or the ground.

Note:Please note: The Bean Bag does not come filled.

Designed to stabilize lenses up to 800mm in vehicles with windows 17" high or taller
Strap allows the bean bag to be fastened to a vehicle door handle or beam. It also acts as a carrying handle
Comes with removable, hand-crafted aircraft-grade aluminum plate to enable the attachment of a head
Constructed of high-quality, water-resistant material
U-shape portion is crafted with advanced high-tack material, allowing the Apex Bean Bag to stay put
The aluminum plate is removable, allowing you to create instantly a supremely high-quality "soft" bean bag
Attachment loop allows you to add a pouch or attach the bean bag to a belt
Large side pocket provides storage capacity for other items