LensCoat Hoodie Lens Hood Cover (X-Large, Black)
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LensCoat Hoodie Lens Hood Cover (X-Large, Black)


LensCoat Hoodie Lens Hood Cover (X-Large, Black)

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The black X-LargeLensCoat Hoodie Lens Hood Coveris a neoprene hood cover that fits easily and snugly around your lens hood in either the shooting position or reversed. This variation on a lens cap canhelp to protect the front element of your lens from dirt, dust, moisture and impact. The Hoodie features a reinforced removable front element protection disc made from rigid plastic and firm foam to further protect your lens from damage.

In addition, the Hoodie can be used to complement an existing LensCoat lens cover in the same color or camouflage finish.

Will fit lens hoods with a diameter of 4.75 to 5.25".
This version comes in a matte all-black finish to better blend in where desirable.