LensCoat RainCap Small (Forest Green Camo)
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LensCoat RainCap Small (Forest Green Camo)


LensCoat RainCap Small (Forest Green Camo)

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Theforest green camoRainCap-SmallfromLensCoatslides over the front end of your lens to protect its front element from rain, snow, dirt, dust and sand. It is made from the same waterproof, breathable, lightweight poly tricot material as the LensCoat RainCoat 2. It includes a tether to attach it to the RainCoat and can be folded and stored in the RainCoat pouch. Tape-sealed seams keep moisture out and an adjustable bungee cordkeeps the RainCapinplace. The RainCap-Large covers lenses with front diameters up to 5.25".

  • Protects the front element of your lens from rain, snow, dust, dirt, salt spray and sand.

  • Covers lenses with front end diameters up to 5.25"

  • Adjustable bungee cord closure

  • Includes a tether to attach to a RainCoat.

  • Color and design match those of RainCoats.