Marumi 58mm CPL Lens Filter
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Marumi 58mm CPL Lens Filter


Marumi 58mm CPL Lens Filter

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Description Specs


  • Heightens contrast
  • Made in Japan
  • Brand: Marumi
  • Size: 58 mm
  • Type: Circular Polarizer Filter

The Marumi C-PL 58mm CPL Lens Filter, a polarizing filter, boosts the contrast and saturation of colour. It is veryuseful for outdoor photography, since it will add contrast to the sky and clouds, the rainbow and many halo phenomena. By obstructing some of its polarized light out, the sky is darkened, and the contrast between the sky and a non-polarized cloud is heightened. It can also stall reflections on water and window glasses.

The Marumi C-PL 58mm CPL Lens Filter comprises a linear filter and a circular polarizer thereon, to make the light circularly polarized and therefore its intensity would not change after successive reflections. Colour contrast filters, canrepresent deeper blue of the skyand brilliant white of clouds. A good shot for taking pictures with a touch ofimpeccable clarity.