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Description Specs

Max Height

1700mm (5.6 Feet)

Fold Length


Leg Diameter


Tripod Weight


Max Load Capacity




Pan Head

2 Way


Ergonomically designed to take videography to a new level, Photron Stedy Pro 560V Tripod ensures safe, convenient & exciting video recording sessions. This tripod is built with a fluid 2-way pan head having adjustable pan for flexible recording. You can capture variable angles easily by mounting your camera on this tripod. It is very easy to operate and delivers superb performance on any kind of surface. Equipped with a quick release plate, this Photron Stedy Pro tripod lets you remove the camera instantly from the tripod head without damaging its components. It can reach maximum height of 1700 mm whereas its foldable height is 635 mm. It is just 1.85 Kg in weight and has safe load capacity of up to 6 Kg. The bubble level enables you to set the 3-leg sections in perfect horizontal symmetry. The non-slip foam makes sure that you get a tight grip while holding this tripod. For hanging camera accessories, there is an accessory hook available on this Photron tripod as well.

Quick Release Plate

Photron Stedy Pro 560V Tripod comes with a self-adjusting camera platform. It features a quick release lever with the help of which you can take-off the camera instantly from this tripod.

2-Way Pan Head

The adjustable 2-way pan head of this tripod facilitates easy camera movements while recording video. You can tilt and pan the camera using the pan handle. The pan handle makes it convenient to move the camera in desired directions quickly.

Scuff Proof Rubber Feet

Photron Stedy Pro 560V Tripod comes with scuff proof rubber feet. No matter what kind of surface it is, this tripod provides stability to your camera in all conditions. The firm rubber feet provide balance to your DSLR camera to suit any kind of shot that you want to capture.

Height & Weight

Photron Stedy Pro 560V Tripod is compact & lightweight. It has non-slip foam grip that enables you to carry it easily. The maximum extended height that this tripod can reach is 1700 mm. Its foldable height is 635 mm. The weight of this device is 1.85 Kg and it can take load of up to 6 kg easily.

Quick Flip Lever Leg Lock

The quick flip lever leg lock of this Photron Stedy Pro 560V Tripod allows you to adjust the height for each tripod leg individually. You can set the legs at any angle according to your requirement. It allows you to focus precisely on the scene to get exact video results as desired.

Accessory Hook

This Photron Stedy Pro video tripod has an accessory hook on which you can hang camera accessories. By hanging accessories on this hook, you also provide this 3-leg sections tripod more stability. During windy conditions, this extra weight allows you to keep the tripod steady for extended video recording sessions.