Photron Stedy Pro 430 Tripod
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Photron Stedy Pro 430 Tripod


Photron Stedy Pro 430 Tripod

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Photron Tripod Stedy Pro 430

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699 g

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58.8 x 11.6 x 11.4 cm


If you strive to pursue photography more seriously and give a new meaning to your DSLR camera, you should accessorize it with a stable triPod. You always wanted to capture the spectacular moment when flocks of birds hurry back to their nest at the break of dusk or some moonlight magic. But if your hands are not at their stable best, you could never do justice with the image. Set up the Photron Steady Pro 430 TriPod with your camera cosily perched on it and live the life of your dream photographer. Some of the noteworthy features of the adjustable Photron triPod are its three-way pan head, its flexible platform for tilting the camera up to 90 degrees, slip-resistant foam on handles for easy grip, rotating lever and lever locks attached to the legs that flip quickly. You can extract the best performance from this sturdy Photron triPod because it helps deliver accurate results. The package is accompanied by a triPod bag and can easily be carried on field trips. Each of the joints is made and manufactured keeping in mind the safety standards. The tool is perfect for amateurs or those who are starting out to can practice their skills, experiment with their cameras and realize their potential.