Vanguard Espod 233AP
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Vanguard Espod 233AP


Vanguard Espod 233AP

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Description Specs




Load Capacity

3000 g

Model Name

Espod 233AP


620 mm



Supplied Accessories

Carry Case, Tripod



1800 g

Diameter of First Upper Leg

23 mm


Pan Head



Leg Angles

25 degree

Leg Lock Type

Quick flip


Technical Details

Anti-shock Ring, Removable Quick Shoe, Two Foam Grips, Extended Height 1650 mm


Even the best photographer required atrustworthy companionto help him capture the perfect moment. Asteady arm, an artistic eye and an inspirational subject combine to make an ideal setting for a good photograph. With a strong Vanguard Espod 233AP tripod functioning as your steady arm, you can concentrate on the creative aspect of the art that is photography.

The tripod from Vanguard is designed forpassionate photographers on-the-move. This camera accessory is categorized under the high-performing Espod series offull-size tripods. The Espod 233AP helps you save precious time as it can be set up and dismantled quickly and easily.

This sturdy tripod is compact and portable.Weighing a mere 1.80 kg, the Vanguard Espod 233AP tripod can be carried with ease in a hand or travel bag. You can mount a camera or camcorder that weighs up to 3 kg on this tripod from Vanguard. This allows you to mount small or medium format cameras including light DSLRs and camcorders.

This tripod hasinbuilt bubble levelthat helps you adjust the balance of the tripod. With this feature you can make sure the equipment mounted is aligned and not skewed. The head of this Vanguard Espod tripod can tilts in various angles. You have the freedom of head movement in theangle range of +90 degree~-60 degree and 0 degree~+90 degree. Furthermore the Vanguard Espod 233AP tripod head can swivel in 360 degree, thus aiding your photography immensely.


In the compact folded version, this tripod is a mere 620 mm tall. This lets you carry this light-weight accessory with the worry of unnecessary luggage. On opening all the 3 leg sections of the Vanguard 233AP tripod, you can get amaximum extended height of 1650 mm.

This tripod from Vanguard is built withanti-slip angled rubber feetthat help the tripod stay steady on trying terrains. The3-way pan headof the Vanguard 233AP allows for smooth panning at various angles with the help of the lever. The head of the tripod is also fixed with aremovable quick shoethat makes mounting the camera quick and easy.


Thistripod has a center columnthat comes very handy for getting that extra height leverage. This column is fixed with atightening ringthat enables center column adjustment in seconds. The center column of the Vanguard Espod tripod also has adetachable hookon which you can hang your camera bag. The weight of the bag increases the stability of the tripod.

The portion of the tripod closer to the head is where a photographer grips his weapon of choice. Two legs of the tripod arepadded with foam gripin a bid to give you a strong and firm grip of the apparatus. The legs of the Vanguard Espod 233AP tripod are quick toadjust to a 25 degree angle. This convenient feature is extremely helpful photographers who need to set up quickly. This tripod from Vanguard also has ananti-shock ringthat helps preventing any damages caused by vibration.

You can make sure the legs sections firmly in place using theEspod 233AP tripod's has leg locks. Once you have finalized the required length, simply flip the leg lock closed. Thisquick-flip mechanismsaves time and effort especially when you are in a hurry to catch a fleeting moment on tape.